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October 18, 2018

Some restrictions in Bagan’s property zone to be relaxed

Three points submitted by people in the property zone of Bagan will be considered for easing in consideration of their continued cooperation in achieving the goal of listing the archaeological zone on UNESCO’s world heritage list.
The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture received a petition from the local people in the property zone, who appealed to authorities to consider the property zone as a “medium zone”, in an attempt to remove some restrictions on their businesses.
They also requested the government amend the three points if the demands would be a hindrance to the government’s attempts to add Bagan to World Heritage List.
“The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture would do negotiations with the local people to amend the points,” said the statement.
The first amended point the local people demanded was as follows: “Construction can be made for living in, for use as farmland, for running traditional businesses such as producing arts and crafts, for opening offices, shops, restaurants and lodging houses”.
The second amended point the local people demanded was: “The area of the building to be built as lodging for tourists must not be over 2,400 square feet, with the height of houses under 30 feet.”
The third amended point was: “In installing TV satellites and other accessories, obstrusive installation must be avoided.” In case economic communications towers are to be built, construction can be permitted in accord with the Heritage Impact Assessment so that communication systems will not obstruct scenes of ancient heritage.
The news release requested the local people to help the national cause for designating Bagan region as a cultural heritage zone.— Shin Min


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