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October 20, 2018

Restore our national dignity by anti-corruption

  • Countries free from corruption, bribery and malpractice are difficult to find these days. Cases of bribery and corruption may be found in many countries, the only difference being that the extent of involvement may be big in some countries and small in others. According to a survey conducted by an overseas institution in 2016, Myanmar stood at 136 out of 176 countries in all. Our country’s corruption index is very high. Similarly, a survey conducted by the UN in 2014 also described that the greatest hindrance for foreign countries to come to invest in Myanmar is corruption. It has been learnt that some entrepreneurs from abroad say that it is not easy to overcome the barrier of malpractices for them to set up businesses in Myanmar.
    The Anti-Corruption Law was promulgated in 2013 to eradicate corruption and the Anti-Corruption Commission was formed under this law. Corruption is a huge hindrance to national development and prosperity and it has also damaged our national dignity. The Anti-Corruption Commission formed during the tenure of the previous government can be said to have been a welcome improvement for the country. However there had been some criticisms regarding the transparency and efficiency of the said commission.
    Corruption is defined as dishonest or illegal behavior, especially of people in authority. Authority and power differ according to the ranks and positions. Had there been bribery, corruption and malpractice at all different levels, the mission of the department or corporation or institution may become damaged beyond repair, gradually facing a series of failures. In case such a department or organization has to deal closely with the people on a daily basis, it will damage people’s trust and reliance towards the government. The people will cease to trust that particular government department and later on result in loss of confidence for the government. In the country, there are many people who got involved in malpractices, starting from the rank of a hospital gate watchman who demands a meager amount of pocket money up to the rank of those in authority who let excessive exploitation of national resources to nothingness who take bribes amounting to millions or billions of Kyats. Therefore, the Anti-Corruption Commission has an enormous burden for performing the tasks assigned to it. And, it needs broad and helpful support of the law.
    The incumbent Anti-Corruption Commission which was newly-formed on November 23 will successfully accomplish its tasks, taking lessons from experiences and hardships of the preceding commission, according to one of the commission members. It has been learnt that there are 13 sections and 22 points to be amended in the existing law. It has been learnt that the amendment process is now underway.
    It must be noted that not only those who take bribes but also the ones who give bribes need to be arrested and punished. With the emergence of a society free from corruption, we firmly believe that all the citizens will enjoy the essence of clean government and good governance, which will guarantee rule of law and transparency.


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