September 24, 2017

Responsibilities and the society

Myint Win Thein

Human society is made up of its basic units known as families. A family will be peaceful and prosperous only when each member of the family performs their responsibilities. If someone fails to carry out his or her family duties, other members of the family will have to bear the brunt of the failure.
As the society is made up of families, a burden on a family due to only one member of it has an impact on the society as a whole. It will affect the family life first, and then the community and the country and the society. Responsibility means duties that must be performed by someone, and everyone has responsibilities to perform for their
families, communities, organizations, towns, countries and the society.
Therefore, it is important that each and every one executes their responsibilities for their families as well as for their communities, towns, countries and the society. Those who shun their responsibilities even at the family-level will not be able to fulfill his or her obligations to the society. That is why politicians, although they are serious about their responsibilities to the people and the country promise to take duty for all while vying for votes but have to remind the supporters after victory of their rightful share of responsibilities for a better family, a better community, a better country and a better world. Everyone should satisfy their responsibilities and should not place a burden on others.


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