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February 26, 2018

Respect the people’s wishes after the election

Voting in Myanmar has just concluded, and polling station officials are counting the votes. The people have voted for the political parties they support. The official results will be announced in the coming days.
During the campaign period, political parties made promises and said they would accept the choice of the people. However, politicians tend to pursue their own policies despite public objections when they hold office.
Most of the people continue to suffer from the same problems they have endured for decades. Though the government may change, nothing has changed significantly in their lives. Politicians’ promises seem to be short-lived.
Elections are just one aspect of Myanmar’s on-going transition. Nonetheless, some politicians have already hailed the reform of Myanmar as a transition without bloodshed. It is too early to judge this country’s transition.
For a transition to be considered a success, people must enjoy significant changes in their lives. If politicians continue to neglect the desires of the people after the elections and pursue their own agendas, nothing will change in the lives of the people. For the people, it will be a transition without change.
Therefore, it is important for the victors of this election to accept the decisions of the people. Only then can Myanmar’s transition bring true change.


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