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December 13, 2018

Republic of the Union of Myanmar Office of the President

Message of Greetings sent by U Htin Kyaw, President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, to the 62nd Anniversary celebrations of the Kayin State Day

2017 November 7

Dear esteemed ethnic brothers and sisters living in Kayin State,Dear esteemed ethnic brothers and sisters living in Kayin State,I am very happy and honored to have this opportunity to send this Message of Greetings to the 62nd Anniversary celebrations of the Kayin State Day which falls today, the 7th of November. This day is deemed to be an auspicious day by the ethnic Kayin brothers and sisters. On this special day, I send these good wishes and Message of Greetings to all ethnic Kayin nationals as well as to all ethnic nationals of the Union. Since time immemorial, our ethnic brothers and sisters who are nationals of the Union such as Kachins, Kayah, Kayins, Bamars, Mons, Rakhines, Shans,  have lived and worked in unity, through weal and woe.When the States/Regions were formed after Independence, deliberations were made at the Parliament to designate as Kayin State all the regions where the Kayin nationals were residing. Thus in accordance with the Amendment Act of the1951 Constitution, Thanlwin Distict of Phapon Region; in accordance with the 1952 Act to Extend Kayin State all the adjacent areas of Thanlwin District such as Kyarin Seikgyi Township, Kawkareik Township, Hlaing Bwe Township, Pa an Township, and Thandaung Township were designated as Kayin State as a second step of extension; on 1st March 1960, the Myawaddy area was designated as a Township and Kayin State was formed step by step to include seven townships namely, Pa an Township, Pha Pon Township, Hlaing Bwe Township, Thandaung Township, Kawkareik Township, Kyarin Seikgyi Township, and Myawaddy Township.  Thus the 7th of November, the day on which the Union President signed the Amendment Act of the 1951 Constitution to designate Thanlwin District as Kayin State, has been designated as Kayin State Day. Since 1955 we have celebrated the Kayin State Day and this year marks the 62nd year.Throughout history, after gaining independence, because of misunderstandings and conflicts for many years, our country has lagged behind in the areas of politics, economics, and social development when compared to neighboring countries. That is why the Union Government has been striving hard, hand in hand with all the ethnic national races to uplift and strengthen national unity for achieving durable peace. At this moment, because the ethnic armed groups have come forward to participate in the peace process, the nationals of the State have begun to taste the fruits of peace.The ethnic brothers and sisters of Kayin State have traversed a difficult and rugged journey for a long time. The development of Kayin State has suffered because of deficiency of trust and armed conflicts among our ethnic brothers and sisters. At this time, we can begin to see and enjoy the rays and fruits of peace, and also the opportunities for development. Thus the residents of the Kayin State should hold on fast to the good foundations and work together with the Union Government for the peace and development of Kayin State. We need to build a lasting peace for the benefit of future generations.In building transforming the Union of Myanmar into a new Democratic State, it is of utmost importance for all ethnic nationals to be given the opportunity to participate on an equal basis. In working for the development of Kayin State, the Union Government has spent huge sums of money in planning and working  in areas such as transport, education, health, human resources development, electricity, uplifting the socio-economic life of the people, and improving  health care projects. As we walk towards the new Democratic State holding fast to the good foundations of unity and good development foundations already achieved, I send this Message of Greetings to urge all ethnic brothers and sisters residing in Kayin State, to cooperate and work in unity.

sd/ Htin Kyaw  State President 


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