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October 19, 2018

Readers’ recognition is the greatest reward for writers

Myint Win Thein

Literature is of utmost importance for national identity and culture. Therefore, the role of writers is always highlighted in every society. That is why prizes are awarded to writers in every country.
Successive governments, including the incumbent union government, present national literary awards for outstanding writers each and every year without fail in order to honour those who should be honoured.
In the same manner, cash rewards for the prizes are also increased to reflect the prestige of the literary awards in recognition of the role played by writers in a society.
However, true writers always write what they think is right for their readers, while genuine readers always honour their favourite writers, although not everyone likes the same writers.
This being so, different readers like different writers. Therefore, it can be said that readers’ recognition is the most importance reward for writers.
On the other hand, who are writers creating their work for? It is not for any one other than their readers. Writers may be awarded with prizes by governments or other organisations, but they should not be content with prizes, because their greatest reward is the recognition of their readers, the majority of the people of Myanmar.
The Global New Light of Myanmar is proud of all the award-winning writers of the national literary awards and Sarpaybeikman literary awards but would like to remind them all to continue to serve the interest of their readers, the majority of the people of Myanmar.


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