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March 02, 2018

Rays of Light on Union Peace is Imminent!

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Out of all problems every country in this world is facing, racial and religious ones can be said to be the most sensitive and dangerous. A problem may be solved to perfection, but sometimes it tends to last long due to instigations of external destructive elements wishing to exploit benefits out of their targeted country by creating racial and religious conflicts. Myanmar is a sovereign Nation where ethnic national races have lived in peace throughout history. That is, Myanmar is a country of Myanmar nationals. On this planet, there is no country to which alien people did not come to settle by moving from their original locations. Since the time of colonial rule, many foreigners came to our country to work on farmlands, thus becoming naturalized, with many returning home many years later. As known by all, our Myanmar people have been living with new settlers for years without violent armed conflicts, apart from outbreak of verbal conflicts on rare occasions. Yet, unlike previous trivial events, there occurred a violent armed attack on October 9, in 2016 in Maungtaw region, Rakhine State. In the attack, some border security police were killed with many weapons and ammunitions looted by terrorists.
    So as to arouse misunderstanding and anger among international communities and institutions, several global media agencies exaggerated the story by spreading invented stories with the technique of photoshop, to add verisimilitude. Sorrowfully enough, an external figure took part in the propagandist campaign intending to cause a great racial and religious conflict. Our State leaders tried their best to solve the problem in a calm manner without losing composure by forming an investigation committee on Rakhine State Affairs led by Vice-President U Myint Swe. An advisory commission led by H.E Mr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary- General of the United Nations had been formed earlier even before this outbreak of violence. While our State leaders and responsible officials were making strenuous efforts to extinguish the flaming conflicts, internal destructive elements tried to incite racial riots. Their ultimate aim was to exploit the communal problems for their own personal advantages and benefit from any form of unrest that might result.
    As known by all, State leaders, the government, Tatmadaw and leaders of national ethnic armed groups are striving continuously for bringing about Union Peace which the whole populace has been yearning for so many decades.
    We all believe that the peace process has already reached the penultimate stage though 7 proposals on politics have not been approved yet as agreements. This also can be said to be within our reach very soon, because our national leaders will be more convinced of the fruits of Union Peace. The peoples of the world dislike wars, accepting the fact that any war cannot produce any goodness, only bloodshed, death and misery.
    Last but not least, I hereby want to urge all subversive elements to give up their destructive deeds if they love younger generations including their descendants. They should embrace the path of peace if they want new comers to enjoy the brighter future which Union Peace will bring forth. We welcome you with open arms if you have decided to join in the efforts of our leaders with new minds and new ideas to work for peace and stability. Failing that, there will be no place for you to hide here because you and your deeds are like “an elephant in the living room.”


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