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March 01, 2018

Ray of peace dawning upon Kayah State

The following is the unofficial translation of the message sent by President U Thein Sein to the occasion of the 64th Anniversary Kayah State Day.

To the esteemed nationals and brethren residing in Kayah State,
It is my honour to send you this message on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of Kayah State Day on 15th January today.
In accord with the Sub-article (a) of the Article (180) of the 1947 Constitution, Karenni State was included in Karen State.  “An Act to amend the Constitution of the Union of Burma, the Act No. LXII of 1951, states “for the expression “Karenni State” wherever it occurs, the expression “Kayah State” shall be substituted.” The first ever “Kayah State Day” was held on 15th January 1952 after changing its name from Karenni State to Kayah State and this year marks the 64th anniversary.
Differences between brethren residing in Kayah State have led to armed conflicts and their region is lagging behind in development. Now a ray of peace is dawning upon Kayah State and development opportunities are blooming. The Union Government spared no efforts to help build road infrastructures, develop education and human resources, supply electricity, and raise the socio-economic life and health standard in Kayah State. Let me take this opportunity to urge you to take part in these efforts together with the Union and the State governments.
The Union Government could have managed negotiations to end the armed conflicts which have been breaking out for over 60 years, and as a result, the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement was signed by eight ethnic armed groups on 15 October 2015. As there are hopes flushing for genuine eternal peace, it is very important to build unity among our national brethren.
For Myanmar to be able to stand tall among nations of the world, I send this message to nationals living in Kayah State to urge you to unitedly cling to “non-disintegration of the Union; non-integration of the national solidarity, perpetuation of the sovereignty, achieving genuine eternal peace; and ensuring peace, prosperity and perpetuity.


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