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February 28, 2018

Rakhine Coast well be observed

Rakhine Coast being seen recently.
Rakhine Coast being seen recently.

A MARINE study along the Rakhine Coast is planned by Flora and Fauna International, the non-governmental organisation, to establish a marine conservation area managed by local people.
Under the new programme, the international conservation charity will observe the current situation of coral reefs, fish breeding zones, lives, culture and the natural characters of native birds as well as the development of mangroves which have been recognised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).
The survey will soon be conducted by observation teams founded by FFI mainly along undamaged coral reefs and breeding zones of fish and prawns.
Although many coral reefs were badly destroyed, there are a lot of undamaged coral reefs along the Rakhine Coast, said an official from the NGO.
After the two-year survey, the FFI will choose some villages which will be entitled to take part in its marine conservation programme.
In cooperation with the
local fisheries department, the FFI is developing a marine conservation area which covers three villages in Kyunsu Township including Donepalaw, Lintun and Payortwa villages, Langan Island in Bokepyin Township in Taninthayi Region.
Since 2012, the FFI has made observations along Myeik Archipelago.




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