August 19, 2016

Rakhine children develop skin diseases from floodwaters

A child with itchy, red patches bieng seen.
A child with itchy, red patches bieng seen.

Administrators from two villages in Rakhine State’s Minbya Township have called on the need for healthcare to be administered to children from their villages who have developed skin diseases after being exposed to local flooding.
Some of the children from Minhpu and Tagundaing villages have reportedly developed swelling of their skin and itchy, red patches on their heads.
“The children bathed in the water during the flooding, they’ve since caught colds and developed fevers. The muddy water has brought them out in red patches on their bodies, and they say their skin is itchy. Healthcare groups have visited the village twice already, but they haven’t been able to given the children as much of their time as they need,” said U Maung Ha, administrator of Minhpu village.
Drinking water has been contaminated in the villages after water reservoirs were flooded.
“We can’t use water from the reservoirs anymore as it’s become muddy. We currently have to rely solely on rainwater for cooking and drinking, people from the village can only shower when it rains,” said U Aung Myint Kyaw, administrator of Taguntaing village.
Rains broke between 3-7 July with flooding affecting over 20,000 people, with homes, fields, roads and bridges being destroyed.


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