September 24, 2017

Pyithu Hluttaw to debate legal protection for house maids

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The Pyithu Hluttaw regular session yesterday agreed to debate a motion urging the Union government to ensure that workers, including housemaids, are properly recruited through labour registration in accordance with the law.
Representative Daw Aye Mya Mya Myo of Kyauktan Constituency submitted the motion to prevent unlawful actions against workers, including forced labour and physical and emotional abuses.
The representative further explained that she had submitted the motion because weaknesses in observance of the law by employers, a lack of understanding of the law by employees and the failure of authorities to inspect worksites on a regular basis lead to frequent labour disputes, forced labour and abuses against female workers and children. This requires a need to provide legal protection and a safe working environment for all workers, Daw Aye Mya Mya Myo said.
The representative also suggested capacity building for committees for settlement of labour disputes in townships, frequent inspections, effective actions for offenders and creation of safe and healthy working environments for workers.
The session agreed to debate the motion at a later session.
Concerning a question raised by a representative on the use of motorcycles in the satellite towns of Yangon, Deputy Minister U Kyaw Myo of the Ministry of Transport and Communication said that it is too dangerous to use a motorbike in populous cities and the ministry has no plans at present to allow them. He also added that the Yangon Region Government has also announced publicly that they also have no plans to lift the motorcycle ban in the city.


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