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February 26, 2018

Pyay farmers disconcerted over crop compensation deal

AN agreement has reportedly been struck between farmers and those responsible for the implementation of a 230KV two tier electric power line between Taungdwingyi – Shwetaung for remuneration to be paid to farmers for the loss of their crops that will occur from erection of the power line.
Farmers from Thuhtay, Paungtamaw, Ashayletkoutepin and Maungsone village tracts – all located in Pyay Township – originally objected to the project from commencing as it would involve the digging of foundations for, and erecting of, power line towers which would destroy their crops.
Farmers opened a case of litigation at the Paungde police station on 4 June in relation to the matter, sparking an immediate reaction from those with responsibility over the project, who came to negotiate with the farmers last Monday, offering crop compensation.
“An agreement was made at the Paungde police station that crop compensation would be issued in relation to the halted power line issue. As the halting of this project would benefit nobody, negotiation has had to be made with some self-restraint.” said U Myo Nyunt Shwe, assistant director of the Ministry of Electric Power.
Negotiations from both sides ended with an agreement on crop compensations to be paid in full at the end of this August, although there was nothing mentioned about remuneration for farmland losses, according to resident farmers.
“They will use this land indefinitely, securing about K200,000 a month from renting out these phone towers. They say this project is in the name of a national project, but, once complete, we won’t be able to plant anything under the big towers anymore; it’ll be theirs forever. This land will prove losses for generations of our sons to come. Working underneath the huge cables also pose life threatening dangers. How could we be satisfied with just crop compensation?” said U Than Nyunt, a local from Minkone village in Pyay Township.
Activities to erect the Taungdwingyi – Shwetaung 240KV two tier power line, which will stretch a total of 104.5 miles, began back in 2015, while it is reported teams are currently in the process of attaching cables at 11 sections of the line. —Myitmakha News Agency


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