July 04, 2017

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Putting the student centered approach to work

As a nascent democracy, Myanmar is in desperate need of people who are energetic, resourceful and dynamic. Decades of poor management has left the country’s education system in tatters. Let bygones be bygones. This situation is not without a cure.
For our education system to move forward and keep abreast of international standards, all stakeholders must come together to play an active role in creating an education environment where teachers teach and train as students learn and practice. In other words, schools should offer a challenging and stimulating environment in which learning is interesting and teaching is gripping.
No doubt, teachers at different levels have been familiar with the widespread use of the student-centred approach. Simply put, this approach is designed to stimulate active learning and to engage students. Still, some teachers are reluctant to adapt themselves to this trend. They might consider teaching as asking questions, correcting mistakes and grading exams. In fact, teaching is engaging students in the learning process.
It should be noted that no student will be able to develop study skills without being offered the chance to learn and practise. Therefore, teachers need to train students and help them develop these skills so as to evaluate, assess and analyse what they are learning. In fact, the learner-centred approach provides teachers and students with the missing link that encourages teamwork and enriches educational experience.


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