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October 17, 2018

Punitive Action must be taken against Fake drug manufacturers and sellers

  • Tommy Pauk

We learnt the miserable news about the findings of fake drugs in the local markets in Myanmar from the dailies in the recent months. The news says, “Various imitation medicines and fake BPI medicines were seized.” It was a very cruel and inhumane act of making fake BPI (Burma Pharmaceutical Industry) drugs and other brand of potent drugs . BPI is famous for its drugs and highly potent medication in Myanmar. Local people nationwide rely on BPI medicines and the physicians recommend BPI drugs to all the patients to use for treating illness. We were deeply concerned about the presence of fake drugs in Myanmar market when we learnt about that news. We simply understand that all drugs sold at the pharmacies must be guaranteed for their potency and high-quality.
In any society, the medicines are regarded as most essential things for maintaining human life, curing diseases and relieving pain etc. Basically, medicines are used to cure, halt or prevent or prevent disease; ease symptoms; or help in the diagnosis of certain illness. Everybody might need some kind of medication to be used for any ailment or injury in their life time. It is extremely important for the sick persons to find or buy or use the genuine drugs for chronic disease or some illness or infirmity. Drug manufacturers as well as the sellers must be honest and reliable for their drugs on sale.
The perpetrators are, by no means, to be given harsh punishment. They are much more callous than narcotic drug pusher because they sell these fake drugs to those who are under the treatment with some BPI medication and other brand of drugs for their chronic disease or some illness or infirmity. People trust BPI (Burma Pharmaceutical Industry) drugs and normally when they are sick they buy and take BPI medicine from pharmacy. Majority people keep BPI drugs and other imported drugs at home as home remedies. Innocent people cannot examine whether the drugs at the markets or drug stores are genuine or not. The unscrupulous people manufacture fake BPI drugs illegally and distribute to the markets as BPI drugs are the most demanding. At first people were not aware of the fake BPI drugs mixed together with the real BPI drugs at the market. Later people became aware of the fake BPI drugs at the market only after they had found the impotencies of the fake drugs, and they realized that the BPI drugs they had bought were fake ones. Consequently, the side effects and contents of the fake drugs give adverse effects to the users very badly.
Actually, people know that BPI drugs are potent and their potencies are higher than any imported drugs from neighboring countries. We trust BPI products and take or use them in accordance with the doctor’s instruction when we suffer from some illness. BPI is a state-owned industry and its medical products such as tablets, capsules, liquids, lotions, solids, control drugs, injection, vaccine and infusion are manufactured in conformity with WHO standard. BPI drugs have been produced by modern pharmacology for many decades. Burma Pharmaceutical Industry (BPI) was changed to Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory (MPF) after 1988. It is under the administration of Ministry of Industry (1). Significantly, these drugs have contributed to Myanmar public health and they are of high quality and potency. Medical Doctors and healthcare professionals highly recommend BPI or MPF drugs as they are potent and the patients also prefer to take BPI drugs for use as pain relief or for use as medicinal treatment. Therefore, the usual medications or home remedies or recommended medicines are the products of BPI or MPF in Myanmar indeed.
The unscrupulous persons make a fortune out of fake drugs _ BPI brand and other demanding imported drugs. The licensed drug dealers of various places in Myanmar ought to examine the legally imported medicines whether they are genuine or not. Even if they are found to be genuine, the dealers also need to check the manufactured dates and expiry dates of the medicines on sale. We, in Myanmar, have National drug law which was promulgated in 1992. The law enforcement has to not only investigate the illegal fake drug dealing and fake drug making but also to eliminate them in Myanmar so that the consumers will escape from the danger or harm of fake drugs. The authority concerned or FDA (Food and Drug Administration) must inspect the drugs sold at the drug stores in Myanmar on periodical basis. Whoever violates the National Drug Law must be given penalty in accordance with the law. Actually, fake drugs are poisons for the innocent users and their infirmity get even worse. Since the fake drugs exacerbate the illness of the concerned people, they become aware of the fact that they have unknowingly bought the fake drugs from the drugstore. FDA and law enforcement forces must combat the fake dug makers and sellers across the country and especially the border areas in which illegal or fake drugs are secretly manufactured. Moreover, the illegal drugs and fake drugs distribution network must be exterminated by the law enforcement forces so that the public health can be safe and secure. In fact, a making- fake- drug is a criminal act which either kills or harms to the innocent people. In conclusion, the makers and sellers of fake BPI drugs or any other fake drugs shall be severely penalized. We, people in Myanmar hope to enjoy good health with genuine and potent drugs forever!


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