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March 02, 2018

Public opinion to decide fate of Manaw Thuka housing project

Manaw Thuka housing project is seen in Pathein. Photo: Myitmaka  News Agency
Manaw Thuka housing project is seen in Pathein. Photo: Myitmaka News Agency

Manaw Thuka housing project is left to the mercy of the Pathein public after a decision from the Ayeyarwaddy Regional government. The current Pathein Pyitawthar Housing Estate was to be destroyed and work begun on implementation of the five-hundred roomed Manawthuka housing project by the Department of Housing Development.
It was suspended, however, after many local residents objected to the project. The regional government has since reportedly planned to make a decision on the future of the project during the incumbent government’s tenure based on the desires of the public.
“The desire of the people is our primary importance. Only after carefully studying and listening to the desires of the households living in the area, we will come to a decision as whether or not to continue construction or abandon the project all-together.” said U Win Htay, Minister of Electricity, Industry and Communications for Ayeyarwady Region.
The Minister added the Nine Engineering Group Co.Ltd, comprised of nine businesspersons from Pathein who would conduct the construction, while talks will soon be held with residents of the estate, the contract expires during this month of June.
There are currently 350 households residing within the housing estate that would be displaced to make way for the Manaw Thuka housing project. The government has rejected accepting housing fees from 171 households after claiming they broke contract regulations, while the Department of Housing has made submissions to the
“[The government] has severed the acceptance of our housing fees for two years now. They sent us back every payment we sent to them. They accuse us of breaking the rules when we haven’t violated any regulations of the housing [department].” said U Pya Gyi, a retired soldier from one of the 171 households.
The Pyitawthar Housing Estate was built in 1951, one of 46 built in large urban centres across Myanmar.—Myitmakha News Agency


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