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May 21, 2019

Producers urged to upgrade rubber targeting foreign market

Union Minister Dr. Aung Thu inspects rubber processing plant in Myeik yesterday. Photo: MNA
Union Minister Dr. Aung Thu inspects rubber processing plant in Myeik yesterday. Photo: MNA

Rubber producers in Myeik District were encouraged by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation to produce high-grade industrial product targeting foreign market.
At the meeting with local rubber producers in Myeik yesterday, Union Minister Dr Aung Thu urged the rubber business persons who can afford to invest and use high level production technologies to coordinate and combine with small scale producers of the region by sharing technology, create collective sales and strive toward creating a place in foreign market for rubber as a high-grade product. All related persons are to progress from exporting raw material to exporting of industrial goods and strive towards import substitution added the Union Minister.
Union Minister Dr. Aung Thu and party then inspected the production stages of producing rubber crumbs at Pho La Min Rubber Industry rubber crumb factory near Nga Inn Village, Myeik Township where factory officials provided explanation.
The Union Minister remarked on creating job opportunities for local people, organize small scale producers to combine and use the same technology to produce equal quality products, obtain more market share and profit through collective sales. He also remarked on making a production work that maintains the natural environment.
Taninthayi Region had 348,334 acres of rubber plantation and as of end December 2018, 52,569,096 pounds of rubber were produced from 156,226 acres. Myeik District had 147,481 acres of rubber plantation producing 29,688,974 pounds as of end December 2018.
Afterwards, Union Minister and party inspected rural development works, solar lighting for single household and works on acquiring potable water conducted in Nga Inn Village. The Union Minister remarked on using the project works for long term sustainability and the necessity of the participation and cooperation of local villagers and people in continuing the fulfilling and implementing of their requirements. — MNA (Translated by Zaw Min)


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