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February 28, 2018

Price of tomatoes in Monywa up four-fold compared to 2015

A woman arrange tomatoes from Inlay lake to send them to market.
A woman arrange tomatoes from Inlay lake to send them to market.

TOMATOES in the Sagaing Region town of Monywa have appreciated in price four-fold this July from what they fetched this time last year, say industry insiders.
A viss (1.6 kilograms) of tomatoes during the third week of July 2015 fetched just K500, but a year later and the same weight of the fruit is going for a market price of K2,000, according to local tomato brokers.
“The rainy season is not when tomatoes are harvested, it’s the time when they’re planted. Farmers have been planting their tomatoes all through this July, but the month of planting differs between growers. The expensive tomatoes currently on sale are those planted during the hot season,” explained Daw Wai, a tomato grower from the town of Yinmabin.
Tomatoes cultivated within Sagaing Region are destined for export to neighboring countries of India and China, with townships such as Tabayin, Monywa, and Yinmabin reportedly the main producers of the fruit.
“Consumers have shied away from tomatoes because of their appreciated value. Trade is good, though. The price of the fruit didn’t rise this much last year; prices were normal,” said U Kyaw Mya, a wholesale and retail tomato trader from Monywa.
Planting of tomatoes conventionally starts in July, with the fruit ready for harvesting come the onset of October, but local farmers say there is some discrepancy between farmers according to the month in which they plant their tomatoes.


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