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February 28, 2018

President U Thein Sein tours Magway Region

Local people warmly welcomes President U Thein Sein in Mindon.
Local people warmly welcomes President U Thein Sein in Mindon.

During his visit to Magway Region, President U Thein Sein yesterday morning met officials and the people in five townships of Salin, Sedoktara, Ngape, Mindon and Kanma.
In Salin, the president visited Shinpin Shwetansar and Shwemudaw pagodas and donated some money for them. In a meeting with officials and residents at the community hall of the Shinpin Shwetansar Pagoda, he presented Buddha statues and solar lamps.
After paying homage at the Shwemudaw Pagoda, he was briefed on findings related to the reclamation of the Wetthae Lake in the township.
The lake is said to have been dug at the times of Myanmar kings and now preserved by the Ministry of Forest since 1939. The facility irrigates 380 acres of farmland and provides water to over 2,000 households.
The president also visited an ancient monastery named Yoke Sone, which was built in 1868.
While in Sedoktara, he met officials and the public and presented Buddha statues and solar lamps for the township.
At the Poggohtoo pagoda in Ngape, President U Thein Sein offered flowers and water, lit oil lamps, donated some money and presented Buddha statues and solar lamps for the township.
In Mindon and Kanma, the president visited pagodas and monasteries and donated some money for them. He also presented Buddha statues and solar lamps for the townships.
In his visit to five townships in Magway Region, the president assured local people of his government’s assistance to recovery measures in flood-hit areas. The region underwent unprecedented floods in last June.
As part of regional development, the president pledged to provide adequate infrastructure in transportation, telecommunications, education and supplies of power and water, urging officials and residents to keep up the momentum of ongoing progress to further develop human resources.
He spoke of reforms in the political, economic and administrative mechanisms and encouragement to the development of the private sector.
He called the country’s peaceful transition to democracy a shared success of the government and the people, citing some countries in the Middle East hurled into turmoil during their transition to democracy.
The people as well as the international community recognize his government’s reforms, with the president admitting that much remains to be done.
“We have made more achievements in our reforms than in 2011,” he said, calling for collective contribution to peaceful transition to democracy.
The Myanmar people will go to the polls on 8 November, and all the people home and abroad are all eyes to the event.
International organizations have sent observers to monitor the elections in the thought that ‘we are not yet democratically mature to organize free and fair elections’, he said.
The president called for cooperation in securing free and fair voting, stressing that the success of the elections is national pride.
During the trips, the president was accompanied by Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, union ministers, the chief minister of Magway Region and senior military officers of local military commands.



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