July 05, 2017

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President U Thein Sein attends World Buddhist Peace Conference

World Buddhist Peace Confernce in Sagaing.
World Buddhist Peace Confernce in Sagaing.

PRESIDENT U Thein Sein attended the World Buddhist Peace Conference held at Sitagu International Buddhist Academy in Sagaing Region yesterday.
Before his presence at the conference, the President paid homage to the Sacred Bone Relic of Buddha which was conveyed to Myanmar from India and is currently enshrined at the Academy.
Members of the Sangha led by Chairman Sayadaw Dr Bhaddanta Kumarabhivamsa, Rector Sayadaw Dr Nandamarlabhivamsa, Sitagu Sayadaw Dr Ashin Nannisara and the Tibetan Sayadaw were present at the conference together with religious leaders of Christianity, Hinduism and Islam and local and foreign Buddhist experts.
First, the Chairman Sayadaw, Sitagu Sayadaw and the President lit the peace light and Tibetan monks recited the Buddhist verses.
Next, Sitagu Sayadaw extended greetings and President U Thein Sein supplicated religious matters.
Following the representatives read out the messages to the conference, Sitagu Sayadaw presented the peace flag to the President.
Accompanied by the Union ministers and officials, the President then paid homage to Buddha images at Sitagu Vipassana Pagoda and observed construction works.
Next, the President and party visited Jade Pagoda in Amarapura Township Mandalay Region.
The World Buddhist Peace Conference is set to run for three days from 22 to 24 January, involving more than 600 attendees that include foreign experts, local monks, religious leaders and observers. Paper reading session is also set to be held at the conference where resource persons from 52 countries will read out 67 papers.


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