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February 27, 2018

President U Htin Kyaw sends the message on the 96th Commemoration of National Day

Following is the full-text of the message sent by the president.

Dear Esteemed Nation of Myanmar

I am sending my congratulation wishes to you all on the 96th National Day that falls on the 10th waning day of Tanzaungmone (November 24, 2016), and wishing you all happy, healthy and full of blessings on this auspicious day.

Under the colonial power, once the University Act, which prohibited the majority of the Myanmar from accessing higher education, was promulgated in the Myanmar Calendar year 1282, on the 10th waning day of Tanzaungmone (December 5, 1920), the students’ boycott against the act began. The students’ boycott,emerging from the courage, enthusiasm and sacrifice of the Myanmar people over the years of colonial period, spread across the nation. In relation with this boycott, national spirit went from strength to strength, and the national schools which emphasized on the Myanmar language and the Myanmar affairs, emerged all over Myanmar very soon. The university students’ boycott was not only academic affairs, but it was a political uprising against the colonialist suppression. In fact, it aroused the national spirit of the public. The “Thakhin” spirit, as well as the “Thakhin” rules of conduct, that emerged from this national movement was the source of gaining momentum of the national spirit that led to Myanmar Independence.
The Ninth GCBA Assembly, held in Mandalay in October, 1921, proposed that the date of the first students’ boycott, the 10th waning day of Tanzaungmone, 1282 (December 5, 1920), should be regarded as National Day, and the Special Conference of GCBA held in Yangon on June 17 and 18, 1922 confirmed the designation of National Day on the 10th waning day of Tanzaungmone. Since then, National Day, the symbol of unity depicting the national spirit, has been commemorated, and today is the 96th Commemoration Anniversary. It’s been almost a century.
National Day is a special landmark day which manifests and develops national dignity/ identity, patriotism by strengthening the Union Spirit, based on patriotism.
At this moment in history, Union Peace Conference, 21st Century Panglong, has been held based on the Union Spirit and principles of all-inclusiveness, attended by representatives of the government, Hluttaw, Tatmadaw, armed ethnic groups, political parties and NGOs thereby establishing firm aspirations for the future.
In drawing up and developing the national economic and development policies (2016) with the aim of continuous development and achievement of objectives, infrastructural investments, in particular – the sector of agriculture, the private sector, small and medium business, with a focus on alleviation of poverty are included.
The main objectives of people-centred all inclusive policies include national reconciliation, job creations and maintenance of national resources, development of national youths’ capacity and creation of opportunities.
To establish a Federal Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Myanmar is now implementing democracy with firm objectives in accordance with democratic norms and all the nationalities are exhorted to make efforts towards achievement of the objectives of the 96th National Day, namely:
• To uplift and strengthen the Union Spirit
• To establish union peace
• To facilitate all-round development of all nationalities
• To establish a Democratic Federal Union
by means of the strength of national unity.


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