August 15, 2017

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President U Htin Kyaw sends message on 42nd Anniversary Rakhine State Day

Following is the message sent by the President on the 42nd Anniversary Rakhine State Day.

Dear esteemed our national brethren in Rakhine State,
I am sending my congratulation wishes to you all on the 42nd Anniversary Rakhine State Day and wishing you all happy, healthy and full of bleesings on this auspicious day.
After having designated as Rakhine State in 1974 Constitution, the 1st Rakhine State People’s Council decided to designate December 15 as Rakhine State Day, the day on which Referendum commenced for the approval of the Constitution. Starting from 1975, it has been being celebrated, reaching the 42nd anniversary Rakhine State Day today.
Rakhine State, geographically has a long coast with natural beauties. With Rakhine Yoma Range to the east and fertile land to the north, it is rich in food, meat and fish, which are added to natural resources and precious cultural heritages in plenty.
From time immemorial, there lived in Rakhine State, seven ethnic races of Rakhine Origin and other nationals with friendly terms without any conflicts. With the propagation of Buddha’s Sasana, that is Buddha’s Teaching throughout Rakhine State, Rakhine nationals always keep their lineage which is regarded to be a characteristic of nobility for Rakhine nationals.
For the socio-economic development of the Rakhine State, the Government of the State formed a central committee for implementing peace, stability and development of Rakhine State with four working committees constituted under it as follows:
Working committee for implementing security, peace, stability and rule of law
Working committee for implementing immigration & citizenship scrutiny
Working committee for implementing resettlement in the area & socio-economic development and
Working committee for co-operating with UN organizations & international institutions.
The committee is trying its best in every way to upgrade the socio-economic development of the State. Especially, there can be seen a relative progress in the sectors of communication, electricity power supply, education and health which are basically needed. Just after detailed study and assessment of local people’s attitudes, the potential for harming natural environment and prospects for socio-economic development, concerning the project on building Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone which plays an important role for the development of Rakhine State, arrangements are under way for continuing to successfully implement the standardized project. Special measure is being given to the implementation of all-round development of Kaladan River for transport and communication in Rakhine State that abounds with rivers, streams and creeks geographically.
Due to heavy rain in June and July this year, Rakhine State experienced disastrous loss. The Government of the State, meanwhile, managed to provide necessary helps at the best of its caliber in many sectors such as sending emergent rescue teams, taking victims under shelter, giving arrangements for resettlement, rehabilitation and protecting from natural disasters in the long term. On the occasion of celebrating 42nd commemoration of Rakhine State, I would like to express my congratulation on unswerving spirit and strong resolution of Rakhine nationals who always stand up to difficulties without yielding to them though facing frequent natural disasters.
I hereby solemnly encourage our brethren Rakhine nationals to maintain the cultural heritages of the land where the Sacred Glamour of Buddha Sasana flourished as well as to make the western area flourish and modernized with your collective concerted effort. (Unofficial Translation)

Sd/ Htin Kyaw


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