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February 27, 2018

Praise the peasant farmer

Myanmar peasant farmers have survived many disasters and exploitations throughout the history of the country. They have survived all of these hardships. All of us should pay tribute to their invincible spirit because they toil each and every day to feed the whole nation.
They have endured several droughts. They never surrendered. They continued to irrigate their crops and strive to feed the rest of us.
They have faced many floods. They never surrendered. They waited for the water to recede and grew crops again. They survived to feed their fellow countrymen.
They were forced to sell a large portion of their produce at low prices. They never surrendered. They survived with what still remained for them and still fed the people.
Flames of war engulfed their villages and farmland. They left their property behind and waited for the fighting to end. They survived to feed our country.
They survived all these disasters and exploitations because they could still grow crops on their farmland. They love their land as well as their jobs.
Eventually, their farmland was confiscated. They could not make up their losses as they had before. They now have nowhere to grow
their crops. Yet, they still survive. And they await the time to farm again.
The farmers of Myanmar have, in a sense, planted themselves in their fields where they continue to grow, thrive and feed the masses. These unsung heroes are the salt of the earth, weathering the worst conditions so the people might enjoy their fruits. Let us give thanks.


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