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October 18, 2018

Power and Might of Youths

Air-conditioners which are making the best use of natural air and water assembled by the students from Hmawbi Technological University.

It was such an interesting news that people who are curious to know about the latest technological changes in Myanmar, can witness how to assemble the air-conditioners which is making the best use of natural air and water, especially in the rural areas of Upper Myanmar.

Maung Htet Naing Lin.

Following is the excerpts of the interviewees.

Maung Htet Naing Lin, a Fourth Year Student, from Mechanical Department told that I am very glad to take part in this is festival, which was held for three days at the Yangon University. As a part of our youths, we exhibit some inventions that we made together at the science lab. All the inventors are students who are from our Hmawbi Technological University. I think that we can do it due to our efforts and commitment.
The students who are from the Technological University of Western Yangon, invented newly-launched -operated system which can also check the student attendance list, teaching respective subjects, and also can switch on/off the lights and fans automatically by using smart card.
The sensor can operate the monitor which can check the students’ attendance, roll call and classroom respectively. Besides the classrooms, meeting rooms, offices and schools are able to operate it without any difficulty.
“We do another project on Power Savings, and it can dramatically reduce the consumption of electricity to some extent”, said the students of Geography, Yangon University. “We are trying to save and reduce the energy consumption in order to maintain our ecosystem.”
This project is mainly based on natural air and water which can be utilized from all resources such as solar and wind power. All these projects are invented and led by many associations and organizations in Myanmar.
Students, of course, have a keen interest in new inventions and technologies, which can bring about the progress of minkind.
They are driving forces to shape the country as well. Therefore we must strive to uplift the development of our country as much as we can.


Nandar win, Win Win Maw
Photo: Zaw Min Latt


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