July 03, 2017

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Police seized yabba pills and raw opium

LOCAL police at a Lauk kai check point seized 180 yabba pills (a synthetic-amphetamine based stimulant) from a vehicle being driven by one Li Phin Kyai with Kyu Kwe Htone on board on Wednesday.
Police also discovered 8 kilos of raw opium on a motorbike heading from Pin Laung to Phekon driven by one Ma Nan Khan Ti. Police elsewhere again seized yabba pills and opium at a motel in Myawaddy. Acting on a tip-off, members of the police searched the Ever Green Motel and found Zaw Min Tun and motel manager Than Kyi in possession of 1702 yabba pills.The police station has filed charges against both suspects under the Anti-Narcotic Law.—Myanmar Police Force


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