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March 02, 2018

Police seized pistol and rounds of ammunition

A pistol and ammunition seized.
A pistol and ammunition seized.

The police seized a pistol and some rounds of ammunition used by violent attackers who launched an assault on two police guards in Norula Police Post on Thursday.
The police were hot on the heels of violent attackers and they found the weapons while clearing the route of their withdrawal yesterday.
The police post staffed with 11 members of the Border Guard Police came under attack about six attackers who arrived at the police post by motorbikes. They started firing on two guards but had to withdraw when other police returned firing and reinforcement from the Tatmadaw arrived, sustaining injuries and leaving their bikes.
“We had exchanged fire with them for five minutes when members of the Tatmadaw reinforced us. One of them was injured in the exchange of fire. We saw some blood patch on the ground,” Police Lieutenant Kyaw Myint of the post said.
One police lance-corporal lost his life during the attack and another one was injured.


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