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October 17, 2018

The Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the United Nations delivers Statement on adoption of Statement by the President of the Security Council (PRST)

Permanent Representative of Myanmar to UN,  U Hau Do Suan.
Permanent Representative of Myanmar to UN,
U Hau Do Suan.

An open door meeting on the adoption of Statement by the President of the Security Council (PRST) on the situation of the Rakhine State was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 6 November 2017 at 1500 hrs. Although the Security Council attempted to issue a resolution, it has been able to issue only PRST due to the lack of consensus among the Security Council members to adopt a resolution on the Rakhine State.
Following the adoption of the Statement by the President of the Security Council, U Hau Do Suan, the Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the United Nations in New York delivered a Position Statement in the meeting. The main points of his response are as follows:
– We are deeply concerned by the adoption of the PRST on the situation in Myanmar.
– The PRST fails to give sufficient recognition to the efforts of the government of Myanmar to address the challenges in the Rakhine State.
– Myanmar strongly rejects the use of self-designated nomenclature in the PRST which will not help resolving the issue.
– The PRST will not help Myanmar’s effort for resolving the issue, but rather lead to the further polarization and escalation of tensions among different religious communities. It exerts undue political pressure on Myanmar.
– Some elements in the PRST infringe on the work of the other organs of the United Nations. The same issue is under consideration in the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Council. At this time when many delegations including those in the Security Council are pointing out the need to avoid duplication of work and stringent use of the budget of the United Nations, such duplication of work is unwarranted.
– The Government of Myanmar on a good neighbourly spirit has reached out to Bangladesh. There have been exchange at Ministerial Level visits last month. On 24 October 2017, two MoUs were also signed on the establishment of border liaison offices and on the security cooperation and dialogue.
– Myanmar has been working closely with Bangladesh for the voluntary, safe and dignified return of displaced persons as well as on the arrangement for repatriation.
– We are disappointed that the PRST fails to mention the attacks on 25 August 2017 as terrorist act.
– We cannot condone terrorism in any form and manifestation.
– Though Myanmar rejects some elements contained in the PRST, Myanmar is determined to find sustainable solution for the issue of the Rakhine State.
– Myanmar is also determined to work with international community including the United Nations and interested parties towards sustainable peace and development for all in the Rakhine State.
Moreover, the Permanent Representative highlighted some of the measures taken by Myanmar towards solving the issues in the Rakhine State.
—Myanmar News Agency


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