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December 13, 2018

“Our Performances will lead to the peace and development”: Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye

By Myo Myint and Mi Mi Phyo (MNA)

(Continue from yesterday)

Vice-Chairman of UEHRD Dr Win Myat Aye, Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, speaks during the interview with Myanmar News Agency. Photo: MNA

Q: Please let me know as to how many amounts of youths and civil societies took part in the present activity.

A: The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement implemented policy on utilization of youth forces since the time of launching 100-day-project as the top project. During one and half years the policy (draft) emerged, which was drawn up by youths themselves. The policy (draft) was only left to be approved by the Cabinet. And it will also be finished very soon. A policy is for further working processes to be performed to be laid down and implemented step by step. We have a great deal of youths across the nation who got involved in activities. It is difficult to perform the task of representing. But we tried our best as much as we could. But, in implementing in actuality we must bring about youths’ desires and expectations to the full. We have youths to perform this. The program of implementation through combined forces of youth is being initiated in helping provide humanitarian assistances of the Union Enterprise. Contacts are being made with very active and enthusiastic youths. Means and ways are being searched for bringing about. Now that we have got means and ways most of youths already in the activity are practically implementing preliminary tasks in the region. By taking lessons from experiences encountered, further means and ways will emerge for the works youths must perform later. Civil societies need to broadly take part for the whole populace to join the project. Social societies in Rakhine State are also greatly important. We are now performing our routines by using youth and public forces.

Q: How about the attitudes of local people concerning the conflicts?

A: It is of great importance to find out root cause of controversial conflict. In doing so, a mere knowledge is not enough. In fact, it needs to have accurate evidences enough, as to what they are. As directly related with the global community, an advisory commission on Rakhine State led by Mr. Kofi Annan was formed. Investigation commission led by Vice-President U Myint Swe was also formed to find out the root cause of conflicts. When recommendations made by the Vice-President appeared, what will be beneficial for the public concerning the present situation were found out and implemented as priority works. We have got responses, feelings, ideas, opinions and suggestions from the people over the solution to the present situations and fundamental roots.

Q: For the establishment of UEHRD, how much support will be achieved for Rakhine State people in resettling?

A: Being the Union Enterprise, changes will be made promptly. The Union Enterprise is the first-ever Enterprise in Myanmar. Here, what are important are concerned with the sectors in economy, job opportunity, education, health and socio-economy. Development matters are of great importance. As regards the project for the development of Rakhine State, we have had the project launched by Rakhine State. That was submitted to the Union Government and there are many development projects in progress, which are being cooperated with the Union Government, since May this year. Due to difficulties which occurred, they stopped, ceasing to proceed. We are to move on with great momentum so that we can achieve success quickly. We are afraid of moving backward. If developments appear, conflicts will be reduced. Instability and conflicts depend upon lack of progress and development. Here, lack of development and progress are fundamentally concerned with job opportunity, education and social affairs. No words are being made “shouting human rights.” We as well have fundamental rights. We must bring about enjoyment of rights we deserve for survival as a being. To which extent Rakhine nationals are lagging behind in education, health and job opportunity? Is it lower than other areas in comparison? How many businesses are being run in Rakhine State? To which extent are industrial zones developing in Rakhine State? To which extent has transport been good in Rakhine State? Is the acquisition of electricity in Rakhine State enough for all the populace in the region? These are all important. UEHRD will be able to speed up the momentum to perform these.
The establishment of UEHRD resulted in global attentions to the country’s efforts and attitudes. Since the time when the government took office, the Union Government prioritized the development of Rakhine State. Meanwhile, conflicts happened. This time, we would not like any conflicts to happen any longer. Hence we expressed our determination to the world that we will perform the implementation of enormous projects, with our concerted effort to get rid of the root cause of the scourges. As a result, the world came to know our aims and objectives. And, countries which had familiar terms with our country, UN Organizations, INGOs are now going to help the UEHRD projects. Likewise, the people will participate. In brief, the region will develop promptly.

Q: What about the plans as to how contributions from home and abroad will be spent in the resettlement process?

A: It is an important matter. In spending the contributions, it needs to show that donations are directly beneficial to the people. Transparency and systematical management of the donations are of great importance. We tried to release the account balances based on the statistics received every fortnight. Arrangements are underway for local and foreign auditors to check the statistics as to whether UEHRD’s deeds are right or wrong, true or false and reasonable or unreasonable.

Q: How can challenges and difficulties be overcome in implementing development and resettlement projects?

A: Common causes have challenges, which can be overcome only through collective implementations. Provided that anyone is desirous of combining to participate, transparency is very important. UEHRD must be made for people to be more convinced. So, news media plays an important role. News media as well need to cooperate and to release true news and information. We will try ourselves to make people know the news directly.

Q: Concerning UEHRD, what would you like to add, please?

A: UEHRD is too broad. On a nationwide scale, it must be based on people’s forces. As we will show how much strong people’s forces are, and how much we can organize, all people need to participate. Here, I would like to say that media should cooperate to make people know true situations. We want to urge people to learn from media. For further information, anyone who wants to ask can contact us. Our performances are destined for peace and development, being closely related. Efforts for development will be followed peace. We are trying in every way. By enthusiastically joining the activity with true intentions, this will surely be a real force for peace and stability of the country.


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