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October 16, 2018

Peace and prosperity needs freedom from partiality

  • Every individual in the world lives in accord with teachings of the religions they profess. The teachings of their respective religions include principal concepts based upon loving kindness closely related to social ethics, peace and mindfulness to be understood and practiced by every mortal. Yet, out of our inability to control 4 kinds of partiality caused by desire, anger, fear or ignorance, that are usually conceived in an ordinary person, we are facing events of great sorrow and unnecessary happenings.
    It is necessary for all of us to make efforts to ensure that we have such kinds of partiality in us as little as possible, between those belonging to different races and different belief systems. Mutual understanding, trust and respect must be built up without fail amongst people of different races and religion so that we can build our peaceful and prosperous societies all over the world. Quarrels, fights, conflicts and war can occur based on religion, hate speech, spread of rumors, blasphemy and false allegations Lots of previous incidents in the world are lessons for us to seriously consider.
    We are required to promptly extinguish even a spark which can burn into an inferno at any time. Especially, we must take care not to make imprudent remarks or responses toward events or incidents which have taken place or are taking place at present. Failing that, our casual deeds will add fuel to the flame. As for the related societies as well, they collectively need to keep the flame under control so that this flame does not turn into an uncontrollable inferno.
    Now that the above-said four kinds of partiality are causing more and more problems, those involved in the conflicts are becoming too sensitive. All individuals are required to take care not to pull the trigger, so to speak. In case someone unwillingly or willingly causes a small spark to turn into a big fire, he and those in his community must have the presence of mind to extinguish the fire as soon as possible.
    Especially, religious and racial affairs are deep, complex and sensitive, hence the need to take great care not to cause problems. In fact, all religions teach us to have loving-kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, sympathy and kindness. Problems arise when certain individual who claim themselves to be religious teachers interpret the original teachings of the spiritual masters to suit their own particular self-interests.
    Very recently, political and spiritual leaders have given us words of nobility, not to take revenge, to be tolerant and to collectively bring about the benefits of peace and harmony to the people. In return, the people gave similar gestures of welcome and love to the leaders. It is of great need for us to see our inner selves and to make concerted efforts for the wellbeing of mankind. In brief, we need to be aware that the 4 kinds of partiality are hiding within us, and not to succumb to their evil effects—hatred and aggressiveness among our societies.


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