October 21, 2017

Peace Process with Signs of Promising Result

Very soon, to be exact, from 24 May to 28 May, Union Peace Conference—21st Century Panglong’s 2nd meeting will be convened for 5 days in Nay Pyi Taw. In more than one year period when the civilian-led government took office, 1st meeting was held from 31st August 2016 to 3rd September 2016, thus supposedly to have acquired favorable experiences.
The government born out of people’s heartfelt choice, being the kind of government based on national reconciliation, had committed themselves to accomplish the peace process to success. In moving toward the ultimate goal, that is, the federal democratic union, the government has to undergo many a stage step by step on the road to the peace.
On a general overview of the journey to the peace in more than one year period of the government, it can be said to have success to some extent. The whole world has a great interest in the peace process of Myanmar, because some assume that dissimilarities and unfinished conflicts in the country are of great importance for Myanmar and they may be potential lessons for global countries.
During over 7 decades after gaining the Independence, many kinds of people struggled for achieving peace in various ways but these attempts came to nothing. Success or failure of peace process only depended upon wishes of those concerned whereas most of the national ethnics had no alternative but to pray for reaching an agreement for the peace.
In finding out a solution for the peace, all participants must negotiate with frankness and straightforward attitudes for a good result. All must work out without neglecting or opposing the interests of groups, targeting at national benefits. Efforts for the peace process are the affairs of the Union. So, evidently enough all participants are wholeheartedly taking part in the process at different levels.
All participants will be overjoyed if their respective expectations are successful while the whole populace will rejoice to its climax. Union Peace Conference Joint Committee’s meeting held just prior to convening UPC—2nd Panglong Meeting managed to approve favorable results.
Altogether 24 facts under the six main items of the agenda were approved—one fact in the item, “Sovereignty” ; one fact in the item, “Exercising Sovereignty”; two facts in the item, “Equality”; five facts in the item “Self-Promulgation”; 10 facts in the item, “Principles on Federal Union—Constitution and Division of Power” and two facts in the item, “Multi-Party Democratic System.” And it was a great pleasure as 10 facts under the seven categories of economic sector, 4 facts under the social sector, 6 facts under the land and natural environment sector, 41 facts in all, were approved.
For these reasons, accomplishment of such favorable results at different levels of peace process can be said to be collective forces of unity amongst the dissimilarities, for the eternal peace of the Union.


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