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February 26, 2018

Passenger bus lines oppose cargo trucks’ daily use of Mandalay-Muse road

Cargo trucks are seen using Mandalay-Muse road daily.
Cargo trucks are seen using Mandalay-Muse road daily.

PASSENGER bus lines have proposed the scheduling of special dates for trucks with large cargos to run along the Kutkai-Huskhintha road section of the Mandalay-Muse road, where such vehicles are seen as a primary cause of traffic congestion.
“If a cargo truck broke down on it, all other vehicles, including passenger buses, would be blocked,” said Ko Myint Swe, suggesting that specific dates should be set for cargo trucks to run on it.
Representatives of passenger bus lines pointed out that the situation on the road is not suitable for daily use by cargo trucks, which exacerbate traffic congestion.
According to sources, there are 15 passenger bus lines operating on the Mandalay-Muse road, and delays caused by traffic jams have stranded road users for up to two days on the road section.



Aung Ye Thwin


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