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February 27, 2018

Over half a million tonnes of watermelons for Chinese export

Watermelon are seen ready to export to China.
Watermelon are seen ready to export to China.

Chinese New Year falls for the Chinese at a time when watermelons are yet to be cultivated in their country, over half a million watermelons from Myanmar will be exported to its big neighbour in the north in a bid to make up the shortfall, it is known from the Myanmar Fruit and Vegetable Producer and Exporters Association (MFVPEA).
The watermelons will be exported through the main Myanmar – China overland trading point of the town of Muse in northern Shan State after an increasing numbers of orders for the fruit have been received from Chinese buyers.
“Up to about 250 watermelon trucks can directly reach Muse everyday. There is a big demand coming from China at the moment because it’s the run up to Chinese New Year but it’s not yet their watermelon season. There will be up to 530,000 tonnes of watermelon that will be exported to China by the end of the current fiscal year which comes to an end in March.” said U Naing Win, chairman of the MFVPEA.
China started purchasing Myanmar watermelons in October 2015 and will continue to do so until May of this year, at which point demand for the fruit will wane as it will become seasonal in China.
“Watermelons bought by China vary in price between 1,300 – 2,200 kyats, dependant on weight and quality. If there’s a lot of demand for the selling of the fruit in Myanmar then it pushes down the price.” said Ko Min Hsway, a watermelon grower from Tatkone township. There are 69 watermelon wholesalers in the Myanmar – China boarder town of Muse, where Myanmar watermelon producers meet directly with traders from China for the selling and export of the fruit.
Over 250 trucks arrive in Muse each day packed full of watermelons from all over the country, included among which are as many as 50 trucks, carrying 17 tonnes of watermelons, from the main areas in the country that produce the fruit – Mandalay, Sagaing and Bago Regions.
It is anticipated that by March, a total of 530,000 tonnes of watermelons will have been exported to China, 10,000 more tonnes than was able to be exported during the previous year.


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