July 01, 2017

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Over 200 villagers flee fighting in northern Shan State

The internally displaced villagers seeking refuge at a monastery.
The internally displaced villagers seeking refuge at a monastery.

Over 200 villagers from Mongyauk village, located in northern Shan State’s Mong Tung Township, have fled armed conflict in their region, seeking refuge at the Shwemyinthar Monastery in the town of Namtu.
Villagers fled their homes on 9 July when fighting erupted between the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), also known the Palaung Army, and the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS).
“We know the villagers fled out of concern over the fighting between the TNLA and RCSS nearby. We’ll make sure all their needs are catered for here, only once peace is obtained will they return,” said U Sai Ba Nyan, vice chair of the Shwemyinthar Monastery IDP Camp Committee. The vice chairman added that the community was formed on July 10 after talks were held with concerned departments, about how best to take care of the health and educational needs of the internally displaced villagers that have sought refuge at their monastery. “Householders reportedly fled their homes after soldiers started coming into their houses to eat and drink. Some of the villagers have gone to the homes of close relatives,” said U Aung Hsan Myint, a helper at the IDP camp. Villagers are reportedly continuing to arrive at the monastery from the villages of Wan Maing, Mant Nar, Mahn Kyel, Mant Kalar and Kyay Pein — all of which are located within Mongyauk village tract that sits between Namtu and Mong Tung Townships.


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