October 21, 2017

Over 200 acres of confiscated farmland returned to owners in Mandalay Region

The farmland returning ceremony in progress.
The farmland returning ceremony in progress.

OVER 200 acres of land have been returned to its rightful owners in the presence of Vice President U Henry Van Thio in Mandalay Region.
A ceremony took place in Madaya township yesterday to hand over 208 acres of land lost to the construction project of a leper hospital, with officials announcing that more than 800 acres of land would be returned on completion of the scrutiny process. Vice President U Henry Van Thio described farmland as crucial property for farmers in an agricultural country, pledging justice in returning the confiscated land.
The vice president also urged farmers to enhance their agricultural output through a shift from conventional and traditional to mechanised farming.
The Ministry of Health grabbed nearly 2,000 acres of land from farmers in Madaya township, an official said, adding that the ministry would give up more than 1,300 acres to 679 farmers. The ministry said it would need over 600 acres of land for the construction of a hospital for lepers.
According to officials, the land was originally seized by the Ministry of Industry-1 in 1977 and was later passed to the Ministry of Health.
In Mandalay Region, more than 35,000 acres of land were seized and some 32,000 acres have been returned.



Aung Thant Khaing


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