September 23, 2017

Over 14,000 motorbikes imported via borders in one week

Myanmar workers assemble motorcycle at a factory in Ruli, a Chinese border town
with Myanmar.

MORE THAN 14,000 motorcycles worth US$7.02 million were imported within a week in May over land ports of entry, according to the official figures issued by the Ministry of Commerce on Friday.
Myanmar bought a total of 14,330 bikes from China, Thailand and India via border trade camps between 13 and 19 May of this year, an increase of more 800 bikes compared to the previous week.
The Muse border entry was the busiest with importers bringing in nearly 12,800 motorbikes worth $4.119 million into the country. Two-hundred-seventy-five bikes worth $79,000 arrived through Kanpiketee border, 1,760 bikes worth $2.749 million arrived through Myawady border and 18 bikes worth $28,000 from Tamu border.
Importers say that motorcycle imports through Tamu, between Myanmar and India, slightly declined that week as cross-border deals with China and Thailand increased.


Shwe Khine


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