September 25, 2017

Only 1,030 vehicles imported with consignment system

There are more vehicles for busy traffic in Yangon. Only 28 out of 1,030 vehicles have registered because most of the vehicles are not permitted. Photo: Phoe Khwar

Only 1,030 vehicles were imported using the consignment system, paying between Ks3 million and Ks6 million, depending on the type of vehicles, according to the vehicle import supervision committee.
Field inspections by car showroom owners and authorities from the vehicle import supervision committee has revealed the exact number of cars imported under the consignment system.
“It is difficult to know the exact number of the vehicles because the car showroom owners have the book balance only, and they have never taken stock on the ground, said a member of the supervisory committee.
Currently, only 28 out of 1030 vehicles have registered, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
There are only a few vehicles that have registered because most of the vehicles are older models, which are not permitted.
Therefore, they are not willing to register them because their imported cars are not in accord with the prescribed import rules and regulations. The committee has granted the import of 1995 to 2000 model cars for Ks3 million and 2000 to 2015 model cars for Ks6 million. But the license would be only regional. The owners of the cars shall either register or sell them by 31st October. Otherwise, the government will confiscate them.


Min Thwe


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