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March 02, 2018

One nation, united in peace

Let Myanmar be a Buddhist nation: I do not mean a nation where all people go to Buddhist monasteries and cetis and bow before Buddhist monks, but a nation that follows deeply the Buddha’s teachings of love and compassion for all beings.
Did not the Buddha teach that all the people that we see and meet, have, at one time or another, been related to us as mother or father, or as son or daughter, or as brother or sister? For we have gone through countless lives throughout Samsara, the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. Did not the Buddha teach that we should all treat other people as we would like others to treat us? Did not the Buddha teach that hate is never ended by hate returned, but that hate can be ended only by love? Love has the power to change hate to love, and the power to change misery to joy.
We are a nation of many ethnic races, with different cultures and beliefs, but we can be united in loved and compassion, for the Buddha’s core teaching of love and compassion is shared by all the world’s major religions. Let us therefore unite in love and compassion. Let us put aside petty differences and hate and distrust and divisive talk. Let us all treat one another as members of one large family, with kindness and generosity.
Did not the Buddha teach equality? The Buddha treated all people as equals. He treated kings as he treated beggars, with kindness and respect.
He respected the rights of women. Let love and
compassion and respect and equality for all be in the very air that we breathe. Let us march forward together towards peace and harmony, prosperity and happiness.


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