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June 22, 2018

One last hope to cling to

Kyaw Thura

As I finger democracy, what comes to my mind is what Thomas Jefferson once said. The founding father of America, the principal architect of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States, once said that ‘the government we elect is the government we deserve’.
Throughout the history of our country never have the voters been seen enthusiastic about a political reform that will satisfy the common social needs in terms of education, economy and health. With the election 42 days away, the voters have now the chance to use their ballots to get involved in issues that will directly affect their lives and the destiny of the country.
A few moments of quiet contemplation is quite enough even for the people of average intellect to understand that citizens are the key drivers of democracy, which is why their fervent participation is of great importance to reinvigorating the democratic reform of our times.
Our lack of interest in voting on 8 November Election will be tantamount to bequeathing a bad legacy of bondage to posterity. It is one thing to pay lip service to democratic reform, but it is quite another to display it with the votes. The onus is therefore on all of the voters to advance democratic participation in all areas of life and act on pressing challenges facing the country.


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