September 22, 2017

On Martyr’s Day, we are Myanmar more than ever

  • Aye Min Soe
  • On 19 July, the people of Myanmar will mourn the country’s martyrs who were assassinated in Yangon 70 years ago.
    The martyrs, including General Aung San, were assassinated in the morning of 19 July, 1947 while holding a meeting at the Secretariat building in downtown Yangon. The seven men were assassinated at a crucial juncture in the struggle to free the country from colonial rule.
    Killed that day were Thakin Mya, U Ba Cho, U Razak, U Ba Win, Mahn Ba Khaing, Sao San Htun, U Ohn Maung and Ko Htwe.
    This day is now a national day of mourning observed across the country as a token of gratitude to their sacrifices for national independence. In the history of our country, no one will ever forget this event.
    General Aung San is gone, but his memory, his love for the country and the people and our gratitude to him will go on forever.
    The martyrs, who devoted themselves to the welfare of the people and the country at great risk to their own lives, will always be remembered in the hearts of good citizens.
    In fact, the day has taught us a precious lesson that can be applied to the present day — that violent approaches to political issues never work. Peaceful negotiations are the best way to find solutions to political issues.
    We would like to urge the people to continue marching on to the democratic federal union goals set by General Aung San. Whatever your religion, ethnicity or political persuasion, this is a day for all of us to come together to honour those who laid the groundwork for Myanmar’s independence.
    Among the people killed 70 years ago at an office in the Secretariat were Sao San Htun, a Shan, Mahn Ba Khaing, a leader of the Kayin people, and U Razak, a Muslim.
    Let this be a day on which we celebrate what brings us together as a country, rather than focusing on what divides us. This is the right way to honour and respect the martyrs.


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