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February 27, 2018

Oh, Youths! Success is within your reach

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • BEHS examination results have been released. News about successful candidates can be seen on face-book pages, smiling and happy. However, we can also see those who failed here and there, with long faces and eyes filled with tears. Under the need-blind university admission system we are still exercising till now, students are vying for scoring high marks so that they can join the professional institutes they want. Whatever it is, we must recognize their efforts and their parents’ encouragement. Meanwhile, we saw remarkably outstanding students who gained one, two or distinctions in all subjects in the midst of many difficulties. To our great pleasure and surprise, we heard some successful candidates reply to questions raised by interviewers. Nearly all interviewees say that they will serve the country with acquired knowledge and skills after completion of their academic learning. I dare say that these words have come out of their hearts because their faces look simple and their minds seem pure. One can only hope that they will continue their studies with diligence to obtain higher levels of academic achievements.
    Here, we would like to give our heart-felt congratulations to successful candidates who are enjoying the feeling of their triumph. At the same time we wish to give encouragement to those who failed for whatever the reasons. They should remember the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” The BEHS examinations are not a decisive factor in your lives; it is just an intersection for you. From this intersection you will have yet to move on a long way ahead. In other words, the BEHS examination is not a final destination. At a time when we are building our country into a federal democratic union, our country needs good leaders, scholars, experts, professionals, technicians and intellectuals. In the coming 20 years, you will have to replace our national statesmen, hence the need for you to try your best to be well-equipped with leadership abilities.
    Undeniably, the medical profession is a noble one. Yet, we need able ones from various fields, careers and professions in shaping our nation into a peaceful, prosperous and modern democratic federal union. We need scholars, intellectuals, experts, engineers, doctors, professors, teachers, military personnel, economists, entrepreneurs and workers. All will be nation builders, so they will be precious ones. Suffice it to say that each and every one of you has an individual chance to lead the country. Those who passed the exam with low marks need not be depressed. You can still reach the top of the totem pole of academic learning at universities and colleges you will be allowed to join. As regards those who failed in the exam, they are required to prepare themselves for another examination. They need to critically analyze their failure and turn defeat into victory. All of us are responsible to help them to do so.
    Oh, youths! You are now standing at the starting point of your long journey towards the future. A future filled with challenges and opportunities. Never let anything destroy your hopes and dreams. Success is within your reach.


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