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September 20, 2018

Nurturing youths and children

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Minors are generally those at the age of learning at schools. In case they now lack a chance to learn at these places, they should have been in vocational training schools or should have been working at certain places of employment. Failing that, these young people may go astray, not only bringing nothing for themselves but also possibly causing great burdens for their families and our country.
    At the present time, many youths are found to be involved in crimes. They lack chances to go to schools and to get any vocational training. Due to being in wrong surroundings or becoming drug-addicts, they unavoidably happened to become involved in unacceptable events.
    Being inquisitive and adventurous, youths ought to have been in schools, academic learning centers or working environments. Youths and children are easy to be cast or molded like wax, required to be shaped into fine and valuable figures or images by dying breeds of old well-minded generations. If they had unexpectedly gone astray, we must guide them to walk on the right path again.
    It is best to guide and rehabilitate youths who have committed crimes instead of punishing them. We should try to determine as to which conditions instigated youths to commit offences and what kinds of weakness and requirements they have, thence the need to rehabilitate them from the state of debauchery.
    Giving punishment to a young person who has become a prey of drug addiction is not correct and certainly not a perfect solution. Instead, we bring about better conditions for them only if their lives have been rehabilitated. Depending upon committed offences according to their age-groups, we have camps graded as youth rehabilitation centers and detention centers. We need to help youths build a better future after ensuring that the actual requirements of these youths have been discovered.
    In implementing rule of law and national development, along with peace and stability in the country, it is a great loss for the country if youths get involved in a series of crimes and offences. The reason these youths have gone astray may be attributed to the scarcity of job opportunities and thence being in great need of money. Another cause may be abuse of narcotic drugs. For these reasons, we must exert our concerted efforts to bring about chances for ill-bred youths to have access to learning at schools, vocational training schools and job opportunities, with a view to preventing them from returning to their depraved situations again, so that we will be able to build up a stable and peaceful nation with the strength of our youths who are reliable as well as motivated and disciplined.


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