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December 13, 2018

No one can reach the destination without a first step

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Rakhine State Immigration and National Registration Department is issuing “Identity Cards for National Verification,” which we call “NVC” colloquially, free of charge, by making on-the-ground-trips. The said NVCs are being issued to people holding temporary verification certificates which had been given out during the last 20 years, with a view to assuring themselves of citizenship status that they deserve and eligible citizen rights to the full after undergoing national scrutiny in accord with the existing rules and laws.
    The initiative for issuing NVCs in Rakhine State had been delayed by threats, naivety and being easy prey to false statements. In fact, temporary verification certificates issued since 1995 were in Regions and States. Within two months from 1st April to 31st May 2015, those certificates were supposed to be returned for scrutiny at 570 acceptance camps. It was launched not only for the people in Maungtaw district and in Rakhine State but also for those holding temporary certificates across the nation, with the aim of scrutinizing whether certificate holders are citizens or eligible citizens in accordance with the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law and recognizing as residents living in Myanmar during the scrutiny period. Status of NVC is similar to that of National Registration Card. But as there is still a necessity left to scrutinize in accord with the prescriptions included in the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law, it is slightly different from rights of people holding NRCs.
    Each NVC holder has 7 rights namely —1/ it assures that the person holding NVC is a resident living in the Nation. 2/ The holder is eligible to apply for citizenship and they must hold NVC during scrutiny period. 3/ A determination needs to be made whether an applicant is a citizen or eligible to become a citizen. 4/ Offspring born to parents holding NVCs as well can apply for citizenship. 5/ They must have rights to travel in accordance with the instructions and by-laws issued by respective Region or State Governments. 6/ NVC holders in Rakhine State have rights to go into Bangladesh by courtesy of border pass through legally opened border gates. 7/ NVC holders in Rakhine State have rights to freely travel in the townships they live, having rights to travel in accordance with the instructions and by-laws issued by Rakhine State Government.
    Holding NVCs is the first initiative/step for successful scrutiny in accordance with the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law. Without a first step, no one will reach the destination of acquisition of NVCs and or be eligible for citizenship. Without any documentary evidence, no one can stay anywhere in the world.


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