July 01, 2017

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No grudges in national reconciliation

THESE days, ‘national reconciliation’ is the most frequently used term in Myanmar politics. All stakeholders in the Myanmar political scene have agreed that national reconciliation is indispensable for national development.
It is also true that national reconciliation is a great opportunity for every stakeholder in Myanmar to turn a new page in the history of the country.
When it comes to national reconciliation, everyone understands that the hatred and prejudice of the past must be left behind. However, this is just one of the prerequisites for national reconciliation.
For national reconciliation to be successful,it is important to leave all of the country’s turmoil and tension in the past, including the causes of past divisions, such as inequality among stakeholders.
Therefore, it is vital that every stakeholder has equal footing in the national reconciliation process. If a certain stakeholder aims to gain the upper hand in the process, national reconciliation may not be successful—it will just be coercive national reconciliation,which will just lead the country down the old course of division and hatred again.
It is now clear that only true national reconciliation can bring about unity among all political stakeholders in Myanmar. None of the stakeholders should miss the opportunity to turn a new chapter in the history of the country.


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