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March 01, 2018

New Hyundai model to sell with instalment payment

New Hyundai 2016 model sell cars being seen.
New Hyundai 2016 model sell cars being seen.

MOTORING company Hyundai’s new 2016 model cars will be sold under a payment instalment plan without any interest at the Hyundai car center in Yangon, it has been learned.
Customers will need to make a down payment of 20 per cent of the car value with the remaining money will be paid in installments over three years. Only the car value is required to be paid without any interest.
There is a plan to extend the instalment period from three years to five for those who cannot afford to pay over that period.
Hyundai brand cars will be sold for K22 million at the minimum price while the maximum price is K68 million.





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