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June 22, 2018

New government advised to curb farming sector expenses

Farmers select quality seeds for growing seedlings in Bogalay.
Farmers select quality seeds for growing seedlings in Bogalay.

OVERTURES will be made to the new government to curb production expenses within respective farming sectors, according to the Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF).
Dr Soe Htun, deputy chair of the MRF, has made it known submissions have been made to the government in the past suggesting the cultivation of quality varieties of paddy, better production methods, and construction of basic agriculture infrastructure in a bid to mitigate production expenses incurred in agricultural sectors.
“In a bid to alleviate heavy interest rates on debt encumbered by farmers, we will give the suggestion of curbing production expenses.” said U Chit Khaing, chair of the MRF.
Farmers are currently experiencing difficulties within the agricultural sector because of high fertilizer prices and a shortage of labour during times of harvest.
“During the term of the new government, we will work to increase the capacity of rice exports to foreign countries. We have plans to work together with the UMFCCI, MRPA and the Rice and Paddy Traders Association for the development of the rice and paddy sector.” said U Myint Cho, director of the Department of Trade Promotion.
A total of 1.8 million tonnes of rice was exported abroad during the 2014-15 fiscal year, with the figure for the current fiscal year, as of March 8, standing at 1.5 million tonnes, according to the Ministry of Commerce.







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