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February 27, 2018

Never let yourself be dragged in any destructive activities by subversive elements!

Khin Maung Oo

We have will known Aristotle’s well-known saying, “Human beings are all political animals.” Some may argue against the statement until now. Once they hear those words, they shake their heads, asserting, “We live on our daily income only. We have no spare time to glance at the politics. We are not interested in it. Politics is the thing of politicians, that is, it is only concerned with the government and the oppositions.” Oxford Advanced American Dictionary defines politics as the activities involved in getting and using power in public life. Power means the ability or opportunity to do something and in another way it means a particular ability of the body or mind. The public includes every individual—ranging from those in the cradles to the dying. Some people say that a baby’s crying is also politics. Quite right in saying so! He manages to show his ability as to he is needing milk. Figuratively speaking, he is dealing with politics. Thus our working, our learning, our living in peaceful state and performing our duties are all concerned with politics, aren’t they?
Each and every one of us belongs to a family. Families live collectively in a small area to form a ward or village. Villages combine into a village-tract, thus village-tracts into a town, towns into a district, districts into a region/state and regions/states into a country. A village can be likened to a nuclear family and a country to an extended family. The larger a dwelling place, the more likely it is to get involved to deal with problems. In a family, the head can manage its affairs easily whereas in a country its affairs have to be dealt with other than easily. With the increasing number of residents in a place, there will be problems arising here and there. A household leader is responsible to manage the whole affairs of his house. To do so, money is partially important so that they can survive. He can assign responsibilities to each of the adults in his family, apart from the immature, to share with. Likewise, leaders at different levels need money/ budget to smoothly run their administrative machinery. It is customary for a government to earn its budget from different sources and divide it up among all sectors under its control.
Some people want to get power to get money, believing that money makes everything. In this way they become power cravers and try to get it in many ways. Among them, there include ways of spreading rumors, accusing the dignitaries of involving in dubious malpractices and giving the public the wrong information and defamatory stories, with a view to destroying people’s support and trust toward the governing body. Now we have unprecedented rights of “freedom of speech” and “freedom of expression” in our hands, unlike in olden times. But we must pay attention not to humiliate people according to social ethics. That is, we are required to avoid accusing without sufficient evidences though we have freedom of expression. Under the same roof, there are people with different views. If we find the fault of our house-hold leader, we have the right to point it out. We never mean we do not accept criticism. Simultaneously, self-criticism is also essential and needed.
Social media is very effective and useful for those who are willing and eager to share their knowledge. In an opposite way, it will become an effective weapon for those who are to create false news to ignite a furore or conflict or pitched battle. As conscientious citizens, we are responsible for pointing out weakness or malpractices of authorities through the body concerned that a special duty is assigned to deal with such cases. Prudence is our best friend not to fall for the trick and not to be dragged in destructive activities by subversive elements.


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