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February 28, 2018

Never let it be like throwing water on the sand!

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Generally speaking, we all are born to our parents, but accurately speaking, born to our community, to our society and to our nation. To make it clear, here, we think we need to give the life of our national leader, Bogyoke Aung San as an example. We all know that he was born to U Hpar and Daw Su, on Saturday 13 February 1915. He strived for his life, for his future in the early phase of his life. But he devoted his life to the Independence struggle, since the time he became a university student, till his last days. So, we can say that Bogyoke Aung San was born to our country. Likewise, we have many well-known figures in the political, military, literary, academic, and various other sectors. They also spent the early parts of their lives for success and for their survival. We benefitted from their efforts in many ways. Some made tremendous efforts for the country in the very beginning, but their beliefs, wrong views and changing minds led them to the wrong paths and eventually got what they deserved, our disrespect.
    Today, we have prominent high-ranking leaders in the administrative, military and national ethnic sectors. Undeniably, they entered their respective societies with original pure minds, intentions and pure efforts. According to human nature, they as well can change their minds. As said by State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, we all need to be broad-minded. Just seeing the present brief benefits is a narrow-minded outlook. We had to live under the colonial rule for over a century. Out of sheer desire to liberate ourselves from being slaves of the colonial rulers, our fore fathers, in fact the whole populace including national ethnic races sacrificed their lives for our country’s freedom and sovereignty. In this way, we gained the Independence which we aspired to, after losing many lives. Sorrowfully enough, since then till now, many parts of the country have become conflict areas full of strife and instability. At the time when most children in urban areas have been savoring the fruits of Independence, displaced children are running for their lives, absolutely not for food. They were brought to this state by mistrusts and misunderstandings among the leaders. Hence, they have no alternative but to clear up these misunderstanding, so that they can reach an agreement for furthering the peace process.
    Armed conflicts are taking place not only in Myanmar, but across the world. These problems cannot be solved by the use of arms. All are urgently needed to come to the negotiation tables to move the peace process towards a successful outcome. So long as nationwide peace cannot be achieved, our country will not develop its economy. As for the country, it will still lag behind much more than others. Our children’s future will be gloomy days ad infinitum. We all enjoyed young and youthful days. Today’s leaders in the political, administrative and national ethnic sectors underwent bitter experiences. We deeply acknowledge this and we simultaneously want our youths to acknowledge their endeavors. All the State leaders, military and national ethnic leaders, as well as, the youths who are leaders-to-be, need to be broad-minded in the interest of the younger generations to come.
    Are we willing and ready to abandon our stubbornness. Are we ready to discard our narrow-mindedness and our short-term visions? Failing that, our past and present efforts for the future will be like throwing water on the sand.


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