September 25, 2017

Never Be Reluctant To Return Something Similar To What We Get!

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Since our school days we have heard this statement from Physics which reads, “Every force of action has an equal and opposite force of reaction.” After our school days have passed, we have come to ascertain its truth more and more, especially in our social lives. Generally speaking, when we give smiles to others, our smile will be reciprocated in the same way we give, on one condition that our smiles need to be genuine or heartfelt or unforced ones. Contrariwise, our anger and hatred will be returned to us. Some people say that the above-said scientific-cum-natural law does not follow the truth, depending upon what they find in their daily lives or in their surroundings. In fact, the law of nature is always right. For example, the sun is always shining, and our planet is going around the sun, rotating on its axis, as known by all. Only if we face the shining sun, can we see the sunlight while the other part cannot. Sometimes, we may be on the part of the globe facing the sun. However, even in the daytime we cannot see the sunlight due to the sun being covered by heavy clouds.
    Presently, we are experiencing similar events. Being totally exhausted by bitter experiences of living under very difficult situations for several decades, we tried to liberate ourselves from these sufferings, electing the people’s government. And, we accepted that it would take us to get to our destination. It must not be assumed that only the government is responsible for implementing the whole task of building the nation. We are all required to join hand in hand with the government.
    Admittedly, the country had seen success to a considerable extent, just after one-fifth period of the incumbent government’s tenure. Not only most of the populace in the country but also the international community came to acknowledge it. But some people tried to misunderstand the government’s activities, performances and strenuous efforts. For example, people generally came to accept that the YBS transport system has been convenient for us, now more convenient for us as new city buses imported recently, entered some bus lines. At such a time, we need not blame the authorities asking when we would have all bus lines equipped with new cars, why these cars were still crammed with passengers, and so on. As regards this, we also are responsible for these new cars to be able to ply on the roads undamaged. The general opinion, which is free from bias and partiality, is that the country has achieved substantive success in every sector, such as health, education, agriculture, trade and commerce and such. Concerning the UPC—2nd Century Panglong, we must say that it was rather successful. Knowing that these are the hard facts, we should not blame or accuse anyone. Now is the time for us to change our minds. We should not be reluctant to reciprocate something similar to what we are getting.


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