September 23, 2017

Need to Ensure People’s Security

  •  Khin Maung Oo
  • Not only to protect people’s depredation but also to bring about rule of law, peace & stability of the area, the Police Force plays an important role, accordingly they are required to perform its duties around the clock. Since the time of the colonial rule in the country, Myanmar Police Force was established, existing so far under the consecutive governing bodies as a systematically formed security force.
    In such a transitional period toward the democracy system the police force has to carry out its duties assigned by the public-elected government, in accord with prescribed rules and laws according to democratic standards. A vast amount of the tasks are being carried out every day. It is not easy to make the police force a very prestigious organization of good image. Why? It is not strange for the police force not to get all people’s respect and support as it has to associate daily with various kinds of people—good or evil ones.
    Police forces are required to fulfill themselves with the qualifications and skills needed to become well-trained, qualified and reliable ones so that they can protect people from dangers, arrest and take actions against those who commit crimes, as soon as possible. Simultaneously, they must have enough facilities so as to perform their duties without delay. Under the current situations, financial allotment granted for the Myanmar Police Force is a meagre amount compared to those of international police forces.
    Yet, we found that the incumbent government has been transforming MPF into a developed one to keep up with the current time’s situations. It must be said that it reached some progress to some extent as it had been supplied with necessary supports, in respective budget years. For security matters and suppression of crimes, people’s police forces are being provided with modern weapons, communication equipments, technological aids, some motor vehicles, oils used for transportation, police uniforms, expenditures and provisions more than ever.
    As it is, there still some necessities to urgently find out solutions on crimes, investigate and take arrests of violators and recruit qualified new police forces. It is of great importance to have enough travelling allowances so that they can reach scenes of crimes in time. It is unreasonable for a police man not to pursue a crime and investigate a case due to lack of travelling allowance. Now it has been learnt that imprest money had been granted beforehand in their respective budget years depending upon pursuit, transportation, prevention and types of outbreaks. Thus, it is assumed that extra budget needs to be kept to spend for unexpected cases depending on the volume of cases so that they can be promptly discovered without delay.
    Police forces are necessary to have fundamental intellect and physical strength so as to hinder activities of criminals to some extent so that they can gain people’s respect and reliance. To sum it up, we can build up a peaceful society by improving up-gradation of police forces’ capacities and supplying it with various supports to become a prestigious organization of good image, for rule of law, peace and stability in our regions.


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