October 20, 2017

Natural hot spring in Hsipaw crowded with visitors

Natural hot spring in Hsipaw.
Natural hot spring in Hsipaw.

A NATURAL hot spring situated in Kyankhin Village in Hsipaw Township in northern Shan State has received flock of visitors during these days because of cool weather in the state, locals say.
The hot spring is in Kyankhin Village that is 5 minutes far from Mandalay-Lashio Pyidaungsu Road. Organiser normally stores the hot water from the spring to 30 foot long, 15 foot wide and 4 foot deep concrete tank. And then People who want to take a hot spring bath can swim at two concrete tanks within the area. Hot spring bathing assists them with cardiovascular disease and nervous system imbalances.
An average of 200 people visit the Kyankhin hot spring each day. Organisers collect K200 per visitor to raise funds for preservation of the natural hot spring.





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