September 23, 2017

National security needs to be taken care emphatically!

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • We have noted the statement made by the National Security Advisor that sovereignty of the country and national interest are directly or indirectly connected with matters on national security. It is of great importance for a country so much so that special attention must be paid to it not only by the government and the whole populace of that country.
    In reviewing as to whether there are any problems threatening our country’s national security, we found that various problems on human trafficking, illegal settlement in the country trespassing border lines, human and resources securities, risks of natural disasters, climate changes and spreads of contagious diseases, cyber-attacks by the use of cutting-edge technology and extremist attacks.
    Most countries across the globe saw such problems. Likewise, we are beginning to see such problems in our country as well. Of these problems we are experiencing, it can be obviously found that extremists’ terrorist attacks happened following illegal settlements in the western part of the country trespassing border lines.
    Problems happening in a country are likely to make an impact to another country, hence facing difficulties and hindrances in solving those problems in their own ways. In dealing with a problem, it is of great necessity for countries concerned to rightfully co-operate at bi-lateral level, regional level and international level.
    At the present time, we rarely saw remarkable military intrusion and interventions in the international sphere. Yet, kinds of intervention, ignition and instigation, provision of various supports behind locked are being carried out to bring about influences over them, the support takers. They are performing threats in many forms.
    When a country or a community wants to push pressure on another country or to implement political influence I that country, they tend to apply international standards to shape it as desired by them or for the results they want to emerge, by neglecting actual truths.
    Nowadays, accusations are being made loudly without objective or unbiased analysis on issues, claiming “Human Rights,” and “Humanitarianism.” The two words are of great excellence per se. But, had it been used with biased attitudes, without reviewing problems, it would surely go beyond the prescriptions included in the UN Charter. If so, it will be tantamount to intervening in other countries’ internal affairs.
    As regards national security matters in Myanmar, only Myanmar nationals know that we must emphatically take care of dangers of extremists’ terrorist attacks in present events happening in the country. During the period from October, 2016 till now, 41 innocent people were killed, with 23 abducted by terrorists. It is necessary for international communities to be well convinced that these killings are dangers threatening the national security of our country.
    Thus, security forces are carrying out tasks of safeguarding the sovereignty, peace and stability of the country. Meanwhile, the whole populace as well need to join our security forces, by informing news on these terrorists to authorities concerned in time. As for international organisations, they need to assess actual situations without any bias.


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